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Can the room be cut to different sizes?
The structural bay is fixed to 2.4x0.6m. The size of the pod increases by adding modules of 0.6m on one side. We don’t provide bespoke dimensions, but we can increase the size to be as close as possible to the measurement you need.

Is the structure removable?

Is the structure pre-assembled by our team?
Yes, our flatpack modules come on-site pre-assembled to ease construction. Each module is around 2,4x0.6m.

Does it require foundations?
The room doesn’t need deep foundations as it sits on adjustable risers. If the ground is not settled, the risers can sit on concrete tiles laid on the soil.


Does it require a weed barrier?
The room sits elevated from the ground. If you are concerned about grass growing underneath we suggest laying a weed barrier fabric before installing the room (not included).

How root-proof is the structure?
If you are concerned about roots moving the soil, the adjustable risers can be adjusted over time if needed (between 30 to 80mm).

How much insulation do you provide?
The insulated option comes with 50mm PIR rigid insulation in the floor, roof, and plywood walls (around 0.45 W/m2K).


How warm will it be during winter?
An additional small heater might be used during the cold months to keep the room warm.


Do all rooms include the polycarbonate cladding?
The external side of all the room is covered with a corrugated polycarbonate sheet (UV resistant with 10 years warranty) which provides the weatherproofed layer.


Do you provide windows?
We don’t provide windows. The room comes with plywood wall modules that are cut-out to allow natural light to fill the space. These can be fitted with a double glazed unit.


Is the door included?
Yes, double glazed and thermally broken aluminium french doors. The doors come with a lock.

Does the standard design accommodate electricity points or any sockets?
We provide one floor-mounted socket. This provides a USB charging point and one UK socket. The socket is connected to an external weatherproof box and an external cable that you can connect to the house.


What is the lead time from order-to-construction?
Normally around 4 weeks depending on current orders.


Can all parts be carried through the house?
Yes, plywood modules are designed to be handled by 1-2 people and able to move through the house.


How long does it take to assemble?

It depends on the size of the room, but the small & medium ones can be built in just 1 day.

Do you ship internationally?

We are currently focused on the UK market only.​

Are delivery and installation included in the price?

It depends on your location. Delivery and installation are included only in London within the M25. Outside, prices vary depending on your location.

Can I do some works myself?
Should you want to customize the room yourself that can be done after the room is built, but we wouldn’t be responsible for any damage or fault that occurred to the room.

Do I need planning permission?
You can build a garden room 2,5m tall with an area smaller than 15 sqm under permitted development rights (providing that is not used as accommodation).

I live in a conservation area do I need planning permission?
We suggest contacting your local council prior to purchasing the room.

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